Medishelf Dispensary Shelving

Everything in it’s place for optimised dispensary shelving

GDM's Medishelf is a fast-retrieval pull-out shelving system designed to optimise drug storage and retrieval in both pharmacy and hospital.

Pharmacy dispensary shelving

If your pharmacy is fitting out or refurbishing it’s dispensary shelving, GDM’s Medishelf provides a modular, cost effective solution to optimise drug storage and retrieval.

Time Saving

Time Saving

Fast, accurate medicine selection 
and re-stocking.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design

Designed to seamlessly fit into the dispensary environment.

Stock Management

Stock Management

Auto-stock rotation with 
easy shelf back loading.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Save staff time - a very 
cost effective solution.

As Seen at

The Professional Shelving System 
for Pharmacy and Hospital

GDM’s Medishelf Dispensary shelving system is specifically designed for pharmacy and hospital dispensary storage and retrieval.

Designed to maximise use of limited space, Medishelf Dispensary provides optimum storage efficiency, ease of access, fast reloading and stock rotation.

With adjustable shelf positions, angled and flat shelving and touch-release pull-out drawers, GDM Medishelf can be personalised to your dispensary’s exact needs.

Maximise medicine storage with flat or angled pull-out drawers

The full extension pull-out drawers can be fitted either flat for larger items, or angled to provide a self-feeding system for stock to sit front of shelf. Staff can quickly recognise medications to ensure accuracy and optimise time. The angled shelf also allows staff to fill each lane from the rear and ensure stock rotation based on ‘first in first out’.

Wall mounted metal posts allow for simple installation and quick shelf height adjustment by staff. Each bay is 1000mm wide. Vertical dividers separate medicine into lanes, and magnetic adjustable dividers are available to split a lane and separate medicines. A dust cover protects top shelf stock.

Medishelf Dispensary Shelving System

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Looking for our Finished Script Indexing System?

GDM’s Medishelf Park-it is a Finished Script indexing, storage and collection system, encorporating our adjustable flat, angled or pullout Medishelf dispensary shelving units.