Medishelf Park-it Finished Script System

Speed up the process of storing and finding Finished Scripts

GDM’s Medishelf Park-it is a Finished Script indexing, storage and collection system, incorporating our adjustable flat, angled or pullout Medishelf dispensary shelving units.

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Looking for an efficient Finished Prescription storage system for your pharmacy? GDM Medishelf Park-it reduces staff time searching for finished scripts and maximises storage space in your pharmacy.

Time Saving

Time Saving

Incorporating a sensible card indexing system you’ll always be able to find a Finished Script package, no matter the order date or size.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design

Medishelfs can be set flat, angled for gravity feeding and pull out for easy access to all the trays scripts.

Stock Management

Stock Management

GDM Medishelf pull-out storage shelves hold Finished Script bags ready for customer pick-up.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

The robust, versatile Medishelf shelving and clever Park-it indexing system is surprisingly cost effective versus other pharmacy shelving.

Park-it finished script shelving system

Park-it Index Cards provide ready reference information

The Park-it system utilises a clever alphanumeric coding system that links the script with the finished prescription package.

Receipts, notes and other contents are neatly matched to the script to ensure a seamless service between your staff and customers.

The Medishelf Park-it System makes finding Scripts quick and easy

The Park-it Finished Script system ensures prepacked prescriptions are stored and indexed in a seamless manner, ready for quick retrieval when a patient arrives at the pharmacy to collect.

The clever indexing system maximises storage space by using all available shelves. Handy index cards make retrieving packed finished scripts a breeze, ultimately reducing the time spent on retrieval and maximising the time you spend with your customers. You’ll deliver a more professional service at every point of the customer experience.

Park-it hospital shelving

It’s simple. It’s organised.
It saves time!

  • Quick and easy installation for any local builder.

  • Instruction pack for the simple set-up and staff training is included in product delivery.

  • Small footprint.

  • Saves time and money by ensuring staff can quickly find finished scripts in a professional manner.

  • Allows for a greater volume of finished scripts to be stored with no wasted space.

  • Provides an easy way to find solo fridge or controlled medicines.

  • Ensures pharmacist notes to customers are stored with the script in the indexed sleeve.

  • Flexible - organise items from smallest to biggest.

  • Expedite weekly claim deferrals.

  • Facilitate an easy way to scan barcodes for texting patients whose scripts are ready for collection.

“GDM presented us with a cost-effective solution to transform our old alphabetical collection system into a highly organised, professional and confidential prescription collection shelving solution. Medishelf Park-it has revolutionised our dispensary and we are very pleased with the efficiencies gained from it.”
Gary Parker Unichem Pharmacist
Gary Parker
Waiuku Pharmacist

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GDM Medishelf is a fast-retrieval pull-out shelving system designed to optimise drug storage and retrieval in both pharmacy and hospital.