Taking on the big jobs at The Warehouse

March 16, 2022

GDM like to take on big jobs in big stores and The Warehouse Ltd Ormiston is no exception. GDM were tasked with completing approximately 90% of this new build, 7000 square metre store in early 2021.

The Warehouse Ormiston, also home to Warehouse Stationery, requested that GDM complete fixtures based on their new format stores with the production and installation to be completed by April 2021. Fixtures and fittings included gondolas, fitting rooms, shelving, self-service checkouts and impulse displays, floor and wall bays, apparel racking and dump bins.

The combination of the white, black and natural timber elements brings a fresh look to the store.

We have used colour to segment the store with white fixtures around the outside and apparel fixtures in black in the centre.  Natural timber elements have also been incorporated in the stylish, modern fitting rooms encouraging customers to try garments on.

Overall, the finished store has a modern look with the lighting and polished floor adding a lighter airy feel.

While GDM have supplied The Warehouse stores previously, a job of this size is no mean feat. Six 40-foot containers of equipment were manufactured and delivered for installation by GDM.

The sheer capacity of equipment required, along with tight deadlines and inevitable COVID delays, means that store fit-outs of this size require logistical expertise and excellent project management, both of which we offer at GDM.

A key feature of The Warehouse Ormiston is most of the fixtures are on wheels. This allows staff to push rows of fixtures into the store and adjust the layout when required. This allows for faster initial setup and seasonal flexibility. Fixtures are manufactured to allow for recyclability and repurposing.

A unique element for this store is a relatively new design of the self-serve checkouts. These have been designed with display fixtures to incorporate more impulse sales at the self-serve and adjacent to it.

Warehouse Ormiston is a new store, it is light and airy with high ceilings, creating a welcoming environment for customers. The finished store is presented to customers as clean, fresh, spacious, and welcoming for an enjoyable shopping experience.

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