Finding the right fit with modular design

May 3, 2022

Modular design is key in the ever-changing world of brick-and-mortar stores. Whether it’s for large-scale supermarket shelving, seasonal product changeouts, or for retailers looking to keep the shopping experience fresh and exciting.

Modular fixtures are standardised components configured to fit multiple sized spaces, multiple product types or customised to suit. At GDM, modular design and manufacturing is our bread and butter. We have been delivering modular fixtures for over 40 years to New Zealand’s leading retailers and have developed modular solutions for most types of product, including health & beauty, books & gifts, DIY hardware, outdoors, grocery, liquor, electronics, whiteware, apparel ….. you name it, GDM has done it.

Modular wall fixtures can be changed out for different room configurations. They arrive ‘flat-pack’ and ready to install.

Manufacturing benefits of modular design

A major benefit of modular design is the speed in process from design, through to manufacturing, delivery, and installation. Customers require quick turnarounds for projects and modular fixtures enable faster installation, along with easily customised products to suit a design brief.  

Modular fixtures are also cost-effective and sustainable by standardising components across floor and wall fixture systems. Upgrades are straightforward, enabling fixtures to evolve, future-proofing the retailers store fixture investment.

Modular taste station

What does this mean in store?

We are seeing three trends driving the use of modular design. Retail spaces are shrinking, refreshing of stores is increasing and instore merchandising displays are becoming more interactive and experiential.

Modular fixtures and accessories allow versatility of design instore, with display systems that can be sized to fit the space and easily moved for seasonal changeouts. Retailers want their customers to see something new each time they walk into a store and well executed displays are more effective than discounts when stimulating impulse buys.

Talk to GDM today about modular fixtures

Whether you are planning to refresh your store, or roll out new stores, check out our retail systems on offer and give our team a call today to find out how a modular design could benefit you and your customers.

Heavy-duty shelving

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