New fixtures provide sleek look for Noel Leeming store

October 21, 2021

In early 2020, Noel Leeming approached GDM to create and manufacture fittings and fixtures for their brand-new tier one store in Newmarket. This is part of their ongoing development to improve customer experience and engagement.

The result was a store with a modern look, sleek lines, and consistency in approach. GDM worked with Noel Leeming to design, manufacture and deliver the new fittings and fixtures on time for the new store.

Working on the design and build of this store was always going to be challenging as it incorporates numerous brands and product types. Ensuring consistency across the board when brand requirements may not always be consistent with each other.

GDM developed several new products to fulfil the customer’s requirements. These included a new television wall, vacuum cleaner displays where customers could test out the vacuums, and accessories displays. The television wall was a standout for the store as the televisions were placed on gloss white shelving units instead of the traditional black. By doing this, the televisions really popped out, they looked brighter and incredibly smart.

GDM also developed and manufactured new accessories displays and mobile phone tables, the new displays incorporated electronic ticketing.

The completed store looks outstanding and provides an improved level of customer experience.

Customer Testimonial – Justin Lowe, Noel Leeming Store Development

Noel Leeming engaged GDM to design and build a suite of new fixtures for our new flagship store in the Newmarket Westfield development.

GDM worked with us to design, concept, prototype and test the new fixtures. They manufactured and delivered the required elements for our new store on time and in budget.

GDM managed the logistical challenges of the Newmarket site and worked with our builders on-site to deliver the store on time and in budget.

The store looks great and we have since rolled elements of the Newmarket store into subsequent stores.

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