On Trend at Euroshop 2023

May 10, 2023

EuroShop 2023, the world’s biggest retail trade fair, made it back to the international stage after a three-year hiatus. Members of our team took the opportunity to experience first-hand the latest trends, technologies, and hot topics in retail, with our Business Manager Dave Burroughs, and Engineering Manager Adam McIntyre in attendance.

A range of stalls and displays stood out during the five-day event, emphasising many of the trends we are seeing here in our local markets.

“In many ways, Euroshop gave us a sense of validation,” says Dave.

“It was clear that GDM is on trend, a leader in the market, particularly around our use of ply and powder coated metal.”

“Not to mention, we are partnering with some clever companies here in New Zealand who are creating some incredible digital technology and LED lighting displays.”

“It’s awesome to see we are on point.”

Sustainability at the forefront

Perhaps most evident this year, more than any other, was the emphasis on sustainability. Exhibitors shared how they were future proofing their products and services, from biodegradable mannequins to lightshades made from coffee beans.  

“We saw an increase in the use of completely biodegradable products and/or recycled raw materials, with a focus on regional suppliers,” says Dave.

“These included recycled materials being utilised by many of the major European manufacturers, creating new generation products.”

Of course, sustainability covers numerous aspects of a business, from creating greater efficiencies, to improving employee wellbeing.

“When we speak with our customers, inefficiencies around price tagging often come up as a frustration, in big box and supermarket stores in particular – it is a repetitive task, with risks of mistakes and inconsistencies,” says Dave.

“Electronic price tags were immensely popular with numerous exhibitors, saving on not only materials but also generating greater efficiencies for store owners.”

“It’s likely we will see more electronic price tags in stores as materials and technologies improve, ensuring greater value.”

Third Spaces enhance experiences

Third spaces were also immensely popular. Third spaces create a point of difference for a retail store where experiences can be enhanced for customers. Design, materials, light, food, and beverages, along with technology contribute to the success of third spaces in store, generating moments of delight throughout a customer’s journey from online to in-store and vice versa.

“As we know, a customer’s journey is often one which transcends from the online to instore and in person, so it was interesting to explore these moments, as they aid in ensuring that journey is seamless,” says Dave.

One unique stand created spaces for children to play in store, while their parents/caregivers shop. By entertaining children, they are encouraging shoppers to spend more time in the store, providing opportunities for undistracted interaction with store staff, improving brand loyalty and increasing sales.

Buzzing about Customer Centricity

It’s an increasingly competitive market out there and those who succeed are focused on customers and their needs. Retail companies are seeking to offer personalised digital customer services for shoppers, starting from in the home, through to physically in store.

Dave and Adam spotted smart technology, from assisted selling Pick and Play screen systems, to touch free interactive kiosks.

Pick and Play systems empower shoppers with digital signage controlled by their personal devices. Send your shopping list to display screens and receive information on the best wines to go with your meals, recipe suggestions, and much more. It is a moment of experiential retail in which the customer feels they are receiving a customised solution based on their interests and history.

Meanwhile, touch free interactive kiosks were another big feature.  Their technology follows your movement and gestures as you choose clothing and shoes for the ideal outfit. The store experience is tailored to individual shoppers, ensuring delight and in turn increased sales.

“What’s really cool is that we are already working with tech partners to deliver these types of solutions, and even better, the products being developed locally are of a higher standard,” says Dave.

“We are ahead of the game and have some exciting solutions to offer our customers.”

Smart stores in every store?

As the retail industry becomes more technology savvy, brick-and-mortar stores are becoming more intelligent. Automated store concepts have been established to create shopping experiences that are largely digital and unmanned.

Sensor and image recognition technologies play a role. Along with other applications such as smart shelves to monitor stock levels, electronic price tags as mentioned previously and intelligent scales.

While at EuroShop, Dave and Adam delved deep into the different smart store concepts available.

Self-Checkout is widely used here in New Zealand, with many shoppers opting for the easy to use systems at our supermarkets and big box stores. Scan & Go hasn’t caught on as quickly but is not far off. Customers scan the goods themselves and the payment process is automatic as they leave the store.

“What really impressed us at Euroshop were the Grab & Go options. Virtually everything is automated via sensors and image recognition software,” says Adam.

While in store, a customer can identify themselves by scanning a QR code, select their goods and leave the store again.

“We saw supermarket trolleys set up with this system, available in multiple languages and able to select and remove items if a shopper is to change their mind halfway through the store,”

“These technologies are incredibly easy to use, aid in enhancing customer instore experiences, are efficient and sustainable, there is no doubt their use will increase incrementally.”

A unique way to style rain jackets

Only the tip of the iceberg.

There was a lot to love at EuroShop, and it certainly indicated that here at GDM we are creating products that look fantastic, are on trend in design, and are produced to the highest quality.

To find out more about our great products, chat with our team today.

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