Award winning combination strikes again

March 16, 2020

GDM’s relationship with Rodd & Gunn seems to be an award winning one. Over the last three years, each time we have entered a Rodd & Gunn store in the New Zealand Retail Interior Association’s awards, otherwise known as the RED Awards, we have come away with recognition. Not bad going really.

The RED awards are an opportunity to showcase our talent, they also give us a gauge of where are at on the national stage.

Each Rodd & Gunn project can be complex, requiring our team to be innovative and creative throughout the design, manufacturing and delivery process.

Here at GDM we produce high-quality end-to-end design solutions. With Rodd & Gunn, we manufacture fixtures and fittings with the design supplied by an independent retail designer.

“We cherish our relationship with Rodd & Gunn,” says GDM managing director Michael Eden.

“They challenge us to push the boundaries, and to come up with some very innovative solutions, not to mention their stores are stunning.”

In 2017, GDM won the international category in the RED Awards for our fit-out of Rodd & Gunn’s Fashion Island store in Orange County, California. This award highlighted our ability to work collaboratively with a designer and produce a high quality product from concept.

Then more recently, in 2019, Rodd & Gunn Chadstone, Australia was awarded with the international category at the RED Awards. The award celebrated GDM’s ability to tell a story of the brand’s history, while evolving the store design to provide every customer with a true Rodd & Gunn experience within a functional retail space.

“We are particularly proud of this fit-out, as all joinery has been designed and made bespoke to suit the store and its layout,” says Michael.

“It is a true reflection of our capabilities.”

The store replicates a modern New Zealand lodge, and with that comes a level of comfort and hospitality.

If you ever get a chance to visit the store, take a seat at the bar and enjoy a delicious coffee or grab a refreshing drink from the fridge or hydro tap. The store is a place to escape to, unwind and of course, shop.


Materials in the store were selected to be a true reflection of the Rodd & Gunn brand – authentic, natural and New Zealand inspired. We used timber for floors, walls and ceilings, hand rendered plaster, natural blue honed stone, blackened steel, tan leathers and brass detailing between material junctions.

The shopfront has been clad in timber battens stained black to illustrate the change from exterior to interior, while highlighting the store within the white mall environment. Lineal lighting was designed to cast light and shadow, allowing us to showcase materials in their natural state.

A key feature of the store is the storefront and display windows. They are set back from the lease line to achieve depth. This also allows for recessed digital screens to be positioned on either side to catch customers’ eyes as they walk through the mall.

This design ultimately creates a point of difference and uniqueness, ensuring the Rodd & Gunn brand stands out from adjacent stores. 

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