Park-It Finished Script System

Does this sound angonisingly familar?
  • You’re drowning in current and uncollected prescriptions

  • Your team struggle to manage customer surges

  • Staff are constantly wasting time trying to find prescriptions

  • Fridge or controlled item receipts are always hiding 

  • Larger script bags sit on the floor and are a trip hazard

  • Smaller script bags end up at the bottom of storage bins and receipts detach from Rx bags

  • Finding and scanning patients receipts is a time consuming process

Problems With Finished Script System
Introducing Medishelf and the Finished Script System from GDM

Organise it

With the Park-it alphanumeric indexing system, scripts are held in Medishelf reference lanes. Pharmacist notes and customer queries are stored with scripts in PVC Sleeves.

Store it

Finished prescriptions are stored within GDM’s Medishelf gravity-fed shelving system – efficiently indexed, allowing for a high volume of scripts to be stored.

Park It Find It

Find it

The Park-it system provides an easier way to find individual fridge or controlled scripts from the Medishelves, saving staff time and ensuring a professional customer experience.

“GDM presented us with a cost-effective solution to transform our old alphabetical collection system into a highly organised, professional and confidential Rx collection shelving solution. Park-it has revolutionised our dispensary and we are very pleased with the efficiencies gained from it.”
Gary Parker Unichem Pharmacist
Gary Parker
Unichem Pharmacist
Find out if the Medishelf with Park-it Systems
could benefit your pharmacy or hospital dispensary

The Medishelf with Park-it Finished Script System

Finished Script Pharmacy Shelving Medishelf

The Medishelf with Park-it Finished Script System

Major storage and finsihed script system benefits include:

  • Retail staff quickly find finished prescriptions in a professional manner.
  • Utilises all possible space on our shelves, allowing a high volume of Prescriptions to be stored with no wasted space.
  • Expedites our claim deferrals each week.
  • Presents our customers with a fast service that feels professional every time.
  • Organises items from smallest to biggest.
  • Allows pharmacist notes and queries to customers to be kept tidy in one handy PVC Sleeve.
  • Provides an easier way of finding solo fridge or Controlled Rx without sticking receipts on shelves.
  • Facilitates an easy way to scan barcodes to text those patients whose prescriptions are ready for collection.

Specialised Finished Script System for New Zealand Pharmacies

  • The Park-it finished script system you can utilise every area of space on shelves. No more dead space in alphabetical boxes with uncommon letters for last names.
  • Fit up to 180 small to medium finished Prescriptions on one pull out sliding shelf.
  • Your staff will look and feel organised and will have confidence about where prescriptions are along with any notes pertaining to that patient or medication.
  • Customers benefit from a more efficient, streamlined experience when collecting prescriptions. 
Finished Script Pharmacy System Park It

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MEDISHELF - the NZ-made,
Dispensary Pull-out Shelving System

Medishelf Saves Time

Time Saving

Fast, accurate medicine selection 
and re-stocking.

Medishelf Custom Designed

Innovative Design

Designed to seamlessly fit into the dispensary environment.

Medishelf More Capacity

Stock Management

Auto-stock rotation with 
easy shelf back loading.

Medishelf Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Save staff time - a very 
cost effective solution.

The Dispensary Shelving System 
for Pharmacy and Hospital

The Dispensary Shelving System 
for Pharmacy and Hospital

Designed to maximise use of limited space, Medishelf provides optimum storage efficiency, ease of access, fast reloading and stock rotation.

The full extension pull out drawer can be fitted either flat for larger items, or angled to provide a self feeding system for stock to sit front of shelf. Staff can quickly recognise medications to ensure accuracy and optimise time. The angled shelf also allows staff to fill each lane from the rear, and ensure stock rotation based on ‘first in first out’.

Find out if the Medishelf with Park-it Systems
could benefit your pharmacy or hospital dispensary