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Honda Outdoors store-in-store

Honda Outdoors store-in-store

The Honda Outdoors store-in-store concept brings an outdoors aspect with astroturf flooring, feature walls, wood panelling and pelmets.   

About this project​

Until recently Honda Power Equipment products were sold through various third-party retailers, and as a result the Honda brand experience was poor and extremely inconsistent.

The Honda Outdoors brand supported the development of a ‘store in store’ concept to enable the full range of outdoor power equipment to be presented within their existing motorcycle dealerships, allowing ​Honda to be in control of their brand experience.

Services provided

Concept and Prototyping, metal fabrication, joinery, logistics, store-in-store solutions. 

Project partners
Our solution

Honda Outdoors required its own unique branding, while also complementing the wider Honda brand. The finishes on the Honda Outdoors store in stores have done just that, complementing the existing dealership fitouts, while elevating the current experience through the introduction of wood and lit signage panels for warmth, while the dark grey metal work maintains a clean industrial feel.

The branding

The ‘outdoors aspect’ is elevated through highlights of the new outdoors green branding, bought to life through artificial turf, pelmets and feature walls.  High impact magnetic print signage offers easy installation and swap out throughout the store-in-store. LED lighting is utilised in the lightboxes and display shelving.

The wood and mid grey work well together as neutrals to warm the sometimes cold and clinical interiors, it also gives the space a modern industrial feel. Grey is used as a base for information signage so that important brand and promotional messages get cut through – allowing red to remain the hero through product and core brand and value messaging.

Engaging brand imagery, digital screens and product information overlays bring the brand experience to life. 

The outcome

Honda Dealerships are franchised, so a common set of fixtures that can be configured to suit individual style layouts has been utilised. Cost-effective, operationally efficient solutions are key to a positive network response. Flexibility was also important with fixture design and merchandising, to support the ongoing extension and development of the product range.

Dealer interest in this new concept has been outstanding with a rollout across the country. It is early days, yet positive change and improved sales and customer engagement is expected.


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