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Mitre 10 Smarthome store-in-store display

Mitre 10 Smarthome store-in-store display

Mitre 10 initially came to us looking for a presentation solution for the 2021 Auckland Home Show. The resulting Smarthome has now taken centre stage in their Albany store.

About this project​

Mitre 10 were looking to create a store-in-store experience and requested a stylised house representing a modern home with a relatively small footprint. They were looking for a home that could showcase modern technology in a realistic scenario.

An initial concept for Mitre10 Smarthome was prepared by SpaceWorks. GDM then took the concept and engineered it to create a durable, modular, stand-alone house, which could be easily assembled and disassembled.

Mitre10 Smarthome is now located in their Albany store, displaying numerous smart home products, all from the one interactive location.

Services provided

Concept and Prototyping, metal fabrication, joinery, logistics, store-in-store solutions. 

Project partners
Our solution

An initial concept was prepared for the Smarthome and GDM engineered it to create a durable, modular standalone house, with a modern look and feel. The structure is easily assembled and disassembled.

In their brief, Mitre 10 requested a stylised house representing a modern home with a relatively small footprint, as it would need to fit within a store. They were looking for a home that could showcase modern technology in a realistic scenario.

The resulting Smarthome structure stands at 3 metres long x 2.8 metres wide x 3 metres high. It features a smart lock with an opening door, adjustable display shelving, internal wiring for interactive devices, a flat screen television and some furniture for seating. It is a space for customers to touch and feel products, so they can gain a better understanding of how they work.

Painted predominately white, with branded graphics, the Smarthome has a fresh feel to it. Natural timber slats give it a modern look and the flooring is from Mitre 10’s own range. Mini versions of the Smarthome have also been created for in bay and end of bay displays. These allow greater flexibility when instore floor space is restricted.

Store-in-store solutions like Smarthome are becoming more popular as retailers look to create unique experiences for their customers, as part of an omnichannel approach. Smarthome creates an immersive and shareable experience, one in which customer engagement is prioritised, senses are stimulated and customer expectations defied.

A unique challenge

This project presented several challenges for the GDM team. The client required a structure that looked like a normal house construction while also being cost effective. It had to be flexible for merchandising, yet wiring and cabling had to be hidden and easily accessible. Plus it needed to be easy enough to pack up and move.

To meet these challenges GDM utilised a metal framework with clip-on panels. The resulting modular structure and four separate floor pieces have allowed the Smarthome to have been moved twice already with no problems. There are also cavities in the walls for wiring and adaptable shelving to house electronic products.

The outcome

Mitre 10 has been thrilled with the customer response to the Smarthome, both at the tradeshow and in-store. It is something of a one-stop spot for all smart home devices, allowing customers the opportunity to try the products and to learn insights from staff.

The Smarthome has also evolved into another popular GDM product – Office Pods, as seen in Harvey Norman.

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