Swanndri flagship store design


Swanndri flagship store design

For Swanndri’s Newmarket store we were tasked with creating customised fixtures to blend in with their iconic style, while also highlighting a classic product range.

About this project

Swanndri was tasked by Westfield to develop a store fit-out for the new Westfield 277 Mall which stood out from the crowd. GDM was appointed by Swanndri to take on the role of fixture design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and project management.

Working closely with the store designers, Woodhams Meikle Zhan Architects, GDM provided detailed component design, engineering advice and prototyping expertise to make sure the project delivered to expectation.

Services provided

Concept Development, Design, Engineering, Prototyping, Metal Fabrication, Joinery Production, Project Management

Project partners
Design and Engineering

Together we created a store that would present Swanndri as a contemporary fashion brand while staying true to its iconic kiwi heritage.

The brand is instantly recognisable from the façade where the red check pattern is printed directly onto tongue and groove timber panelling providing a vibrant backdrop to the illuminated signage. Traditional steel framed windows, reeded glass, and hinged entry doors provide historical references within the contemporary context.

Extensive use of steel continues instore with custom designed perimeter wall racking and floor units featuring oversized tubing and a refined industrial aesthetic. The wall units run full height providing a flexible merchandising framework for high level display space and supporting memorabilia.

Store Display Zones

The racking layout splits the merchandise into zones, drawing customers to the timber clad fitting rooms and a customer lounge area at the rear. Customer services assistance is on hand at the centrally located counter. 

Access to the back-of-house service area is concealed behind a secret door cut into the tongue and groove wall panelling.

The fixtures were built to the designers drawing intent, requiring close collaboration with the designer so GDM could develop the engineering build detail.

Executing the desired look and feel of fixtures presented several engineering challenges. Step-down cast pipe elbow and tee joints were utilised to create distinct corner detailing of the 80mm round tube frames. Numerous other junction solutions were required to blend differing tube sections and sizes throughout.

Natural Timber Display Features

Natural timber was combined with elements of raw hot rolled steel, polished concrete and faux brick cladding. When looking up, customers will see a feature timber grid ceiling.

The finished form and bespoke scaled integration of wall and floor fixtures have provided a unique yet highly functional modular solution.

“The fixtures are incredibly unique, and they look fantastic in the store!” says GDM design manager.

GDM Digital Marketing Solution

GDM, a Samsung reseller of digital retail marketing solutions, seamlessly integrated two large digital screens into the GDM wall system located above the main service counter and in the front-facing window looking out to the mall thoroughfare. Digital screen content is centrally managed by the Swanndri marketing team from the head office based in Christchurch.


The collaboration between client, architect design team and GDM resulted in a unique and highly regarded destination store. Both Swanndri and Woodhams Meikle Zhan Architects interior design team were very appreciative of the value provided by GDM’s design and engineering, alongside the expert advice and quality of craftsmanship provided throughout the project.

At the end of the day, increasing store sales and receiving great feedback from staff and customers is vital. The store manager said she receives compliments on the store experience from shoppers on a regular basis.

“The result is a bold brand statement unique to Swanndri where their ubiquitous check pattern is over-scaled and emblazoned over textural material backdrops. The store delivers a memorable brand experience in an ever-changing and evolving retail environment. The GDM team produced a great result. We are all pleased with the outcome and GDM’s expertise was a big hit with the Swanndri CEO.”

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