Consult, display or meet in a self-contained office within your office or centre.

GDM’s Office and Meeting Pods are modular, customisable, and cost-effective.

Affordable, modular design, easy to install, unlimited finishes and colours

Never enough meeting rooms?

For most businesses and service providers, there are just never enough meeting spaces or rooms available when required. The GDM Office Pod solves this common problem; all in a very cost-effective way that eliminates the need to build more permanent meeting rooms.

Modular, pop-up office and meeting room

The GDM Office Pod is a modular meeting room or office space that can be easily incorporated into a wide variety of office, retail or warehouse environments. Perfect for open plan offices that can be noisy and difficult to find a quiet space; individual meeting or office spaces for corporate, local body, hotel and conference centres or health care facilities.

Portable, easy to assemble, high quality durable construction

GDM Office and Meeting Pods are quick and easy to assemble. They can be delivered flat-packed to site, and two people can assemble a GDM Office Pod quickly and efficiently. Designed and built to the highest standard, our pods are both aesthetic and stand the test of time with constant use.

Office Pod Airflow and Ambient Temperature

Created from the open roof design, our pods have excellent airflow and ventilation; so no more cold, hot, or stuffy closed rooms. The GDM Office Pod will have the same ambient temperature and airflow of the surrounding area to where the Pod is situated.

Customisable wall configurations, finishes and amenities

We can customise the GDM Office Pod to meet your specific brand and colour finish requirements. Add a wall mounted a screen for built-in video conferencing, wire up for power sockets and adaptors, add specific lighting, tables and storage spaces – the possibilities are endless.

Deal direct with the designer and manufacturer

GDM Retail Systems specialises in the design and manufacture of modular retail and commercial fixtures. We are the experts and you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer to keep cost down.

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