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Medishelf Park-it
Finished Script System

GDM’s Medishelf Park-it is a Finished Script indexing, storage and collection system, incorporating our adjustable flat, angled or pull out Medishelf dispensary shelving units.

Customised Gondola Shelving
The GDM Team create custom designed Gondolas for a wide range of
Retail Markets, Store Markets, Store Environments and retail Product types

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Apparel display with metal hang rail, wood shelves and plinth. Bent metal pipe frame to match the wall system

Sleeping bag display with plywood shelving and metal hang rail

Modular Reatil Display Advantages

Looking for an efficient Finished Prescription storage system for your pharmacy? GDM Medishelf Park-it reduces staff time searching for finished scripts and maximises storage space in your pharmacy.

Stock Management

Maximise Storage Space

The GDM Medishelf pull out drawers that hold the Finished Script Bags are 25mm height adjustable to ensure all available space is utilised.

Time Saving

Time Saving

With a sensible card indexing system, staff will quickly match a script receipt with a Finished Script package, no matter the order date or size.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

GDM's Medishelf drawers are robust and versatile, while the efficiencies gained from the Park-it indexing system will ensure a quick return on investment.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design

The GDM Medishelf pull-out drawers can be set flat or angled for easy staff access and gravity-feed packages.

The advantage of GDM’s modular design thinking

GDM’s unique manufacturing capability allows us to combine metal framing and joinery
cladding to create clever modular gondolas and store fixture solutions.

Modular Gondola Shelving Versatility

Modular gondolas in a book store displaying the versatility and flexibility of the modular system:

Book Shelf
Book Shelf modular gondola units and end showing eight modular units joined together to create an aisle.
Acrylic pen holders
Pen display with acrylic pen holders with brackets clipped onto the metal spine frame. Wood shelves in the gondola ends. On the other side are slotted metal panels clipped onto the slotted spine frame for hang sell prongs.
Acrylic card holders
Card display with acrylic card holders with brackets clipped onto the metal spine frame in the aisle and end gondola units.
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Retail Systems

Pharmacy Shelving
& Fixtures

GDM design and manufacture shelving, storage and display fixtures for both dispensary and pharmacy retail areas.

Park-it Index Cards provide ready reference information

We understand how important it is to have a seamless workflow between the dispensary and front of house to ensure a consistent customer experience. 

We design and manufacture a wide range of pharmacy fixtures, including GDM Medishelf systems, counters, retail shelving, gondolas, tables, storage shelving and passport photo booths.

Medishelf Park-It Finished Script System

Medishelf Park-it Finished Script System

Having an efficient process between dispensary and front of house for finished script pick-up is critical to providing a high level of customer service. 

The GDM Medishelf Park-it system is a combination of GDM Medishelf and an alphanumeric coding system to ensure quick and easy retrieval of scripts by the customer service team. 

The GDM Medishelf Park-it system ensures your team gives customers a fast, efficient, and professional service. Reduce stress during customer surges and free up time for staff to focus on OTC sales.

“GDM presented us with a cost-effective solution to transform our old alphabetical collection system into a highly organised, professional and confidential prescription collection shelving solution. Medishelf Park-it has revolutionised our dispensary and we are very pleased with the efficiencies gained from it.”
Gary Parker Unichem Pharmacist
Gary Parker
Waiuku Pharmacist

Medishelf Dispensary Shelving System

GDM’s Medishelf Dispensary shelving system is specifically designed for pharmacy and hospital dispensary storage and retrieval. 

Designed to maximise use of limited space, Medishelf Dispensary provides optimum storage efficiency, ease of access, fast reloading and stock rotation.

With adjustable shelf positions, angled and flat shelving and touch-release pull-out drawers, GDM Medishelf can be personalised to your dispensary’s exact needs.

Modular Design Thinking for Pharmacy Flexibility

Whether you are looking to refresh an existing pharmacy or open a new pharmacy, GDM will design and manufacture a modular range of fixtures to meet your design brief. 

We work closely with some of New Zealand’s leading pharmacy designers. Our aim is to encourage customers to shop your OTC product range, preventing customers walking out the door after they have dropped off their script. 

GDM fixtures are known for their modular design and adaptability, helping staff to complete a quick seasonal change out or to simply move around fixtures for a floor plan change.

A wide range of materials and finishes are available to ensure your pharmacy achieves the look and feel required. We can incorporate an extensive array of shelving, hang sell, LED lighting, digital marketing media, signage, and ticketing solutions. 

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