Push to the front of the line with Branded POS Displays

Branded Displays and Promotional Display Units are customised to your brand to help your products stand out in busy retail environments.
GDM specialises in designing modular displays that can quickly be changed by merchandisers for seasonal, brand and product change outs.

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Freestanding LED lit paint colour selection area

Freestanding LED lit paint colour selection area

Various branded point-of-sale fixtures and tables

Various branded point-of-sale fixtures and tables

Lingerie gondola with hangsell and shelving

Lingerie gondola with hangsell and shelving

Explore the versatility of our point-of-sale displays

Promotional display units are the perfect way to spotlight your products. Whether you want to shine a light on bestsellers, new releases, or a new offer, permanent retail display stands are an easy and customisable way to do so.

Increase Sales with Eye-catching Displays

When your sales need a boost, choose tailor-made branded POS display solutions that elevate your brand and increase sales. Many brands face unique challenges when trying to forge connections with customers. For this reason, you need eye-catching, functional point of sale displays that allow shoppers to engage with and see how your products will benefit them.

Bring your POS Ideas to Life

Our experienced team have helped many brand-owners to create eye-catching POS display stands that turn heads. Our solutions are ideal for high-traffic environments in leading retail stores. Our creative thinkers will help your brand make a connection. We know that smart and confident POS displays will make your products stand out from the crowd.

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Three in one - modular display stand

Branded point-of-sale floor display with adjustable shelves, change out side panel and header graphics.
The point-of-sale stand has now changed into a dump bin using the shelves at the front and to choose the adjustable bin height.
The point-of-sale fixture shelves have been removed to make a hang sell stand display

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