Sustainability at GDM

For us, sustainability practices are right for the environment, our business and our partnerships.

What does sustainability mean for GDM?

Sustainability at GDM is creating long-term value for our business by considering how our operations positively affect our ecological, social and economic environments.

GDM Sustainability Pillars

GDM Sustainability Pillars
We actively seek to reduce, reuse, and recycle across our supply chain, through manufacturing, to the final properties of our products.
Our goal is to ensure the long-term protection of our company, creating a stable basis for employment and growth in our local economy.
We make choices on what is right, not just what is the minimum required standard. We have a responsibility to support and nurture our employees, our community, and our region.
Our Environment

Our Environment

We are committed to sustainable purchasing, as we purchase locally to reduce our footprint, and we work with leading suppliers to promote a green supply chain.

Cleverly manufacturing our products to avoid waste is better than dealing with waste created. We use sustainable materials and consider how products are cut to avoid waste. We also donate timber offcuts to our community.

Our employees actively seek to reduce energy; the way we manage our powder coating plant consumables, is one example.

Our Economy

Our Economy

We ethically source our products, use sustainable business practices, treat our employees, suppliers and customers fairly, and take responsibility for our business actions. 

We are a trusted and reliable partner for both our customers and suppliers, cultivating long term partnerships.

Our Society
Our Society

Our Society

At GDM we have a strong culture of learning as we operate cadet programmes, apprenticeships, further learning and graduate programmes. We place importance in investing in our youth by creating career pathways internally, along with our commitment to community-based employment programmes for young people.

Our youth are the future of our business and by supporting them, we are setting ourselves up for success.

GDM takes actions to improve society, donating products and money, along with volunteering time. We facilitate our local LEAN group and support a large cross section of our community, donating funds for schools, the arts community, healthcare, sports, hospice and Women’s Refuge.

Our Whanganui manufacturing site is located next to the Whanganui River. To that end we respect the Te Awa Tupua Act and understand the enduring concept of Tupua te Kawa as described by Ngā Tāngata Tiaki.

GDM is committed to the sustainability of our environment, our economy and our society, creating a better future that we can be proud of for generations to come.

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