The values at our core

June 4, 2020
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Our GDM team operate according to a set of values. These values are the heart and soul of our business, they are incredibly important to our people and to our customers. Contact us any time to discuss our values and how they would sit well with your business.

1. Our customers rule.

We love a challenge. Our in-house design and engineering teams work closely with architects, designers, and developers to create innovative and practical solutions.

2. Good Design Matters.

Design thinking is at the heart of it all. We create clever solutions to inspire and build your business. For every project, our goal is to translate our design and engineering expertise into systems that enhance their immediate environment, improve functionality, and contribute to increased sales.

3. We’re a tight knit bunch.

Our unique people and community make the difference. At GDM we are proud of our people, they are our point of difference; from the factory floor, to the project coordinators, to the design team. We transform your ideas into practical solutions, utilising our design expertise, engineering knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to deliver products world-wide.

4. We’re here for the long game.

We have been around a while, and that sets us apart. We can provide you with the latest technology in design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics, backed by over 40 years’ experience.

We also think about the long-term effect of our business on the environment. We have adopted sustainable practices and continually strive to improve these. 

5. We’re a hive of efficiency.

Embracing operational excellence gives us the edge. Here at GDM, we are on top of our game using the latest design and manufacturing technology. We have created a leading-edge operation where metal fabrication, laser cutting, CNC joinery construction, powder coating, wet spray and logistics are all carried out on the one site.

Sustainability is at our core.

At GDM, sustainability is one of our key principles. We are continually looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment, particularly around our energy use and building materials.

We keep it simple and follow the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle – wherever possible. Our board suppliers are increasing the eco-friendly content in our raw materials, including the use of fibres from sustainable forests who use third-party certification of their sustainable operations. We return reusable cover sheets and all other offcuts are placed outside the factory door for the local community to take away and use. You would not believe how popular these off-cuts are!

We also have the technology in place to get the most out of each manufacturing product. Our sheet steel has product programmed to nest the most efficient cutting, to reduce the amount of waste for recycling. All off-cut tube is sent to the metal recyclers to be melted down and reused.

Jigs are made in our metalwork department to increase the number of items on the powder coating line to reduce powder wastage. All powder is also recycled.

Our staff also actively recycle their own consumable products on site. Recycling bins are provided for paper, plastic and metals.

Limiting energy use is always at the forefront of our minds. Our factory lights are low power usage.

We are always looking at ways to improve our sustainable practices. Contact us today to find out about the work we do and the values we stand for.

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