Offshore manufacturing complements NZ base

September 12, 2022

The manufacturing world is certainly going through a tumultuous time right now. Supply chain issues, increases in the cost of fuel, and staff shortages are all major factors, not to mention a worldwide pandemic. Retail fixtures and display systems are no exception.

At GDM we are constantly looking at the economic climate, the projected risks and ensuring we manage them as best we can. That’s why we see it as so important to have an offshore manufacturing base to complement our New Zealand factory.

We have been successfully manufacturing retail fixtures offshore since 2002. Our longstanding relationships with our partners ensure we can contract manufacture higher volume orders of our GDM products in China. Thus, complementing our Whanganui, New Zealand factory where we manufacture lower volume orders and prototyping.

An ever-changing market

As we all know disruptions to market and supply chains mean the import market has changed. While at GDM we are looking to reduce our reliance on imports there is still a place for offshore manufacturing of retail fixtures when it comes to volume.

“It’s important to note it is our retail fixture products that we manufacture in China, we aren’t about sourcing premade products,” says GDM managing director Michael Eden.

“Our customers receive what they want when they want it, rather than what the manufacturer happens to have at any given time.”

Quality products at great value

The quality of GDM’s products made in China are also of the highest standard thanks to a skilled labour force.

“When we look at the two sets of products, we cannot tell the difference.”

“Manufacturing offshore is also cost-effective for GDM’s customers, with GDM able to utilise bulk purchasing of materials and specialised tooling.”

“We pride ourselves on the capability of our New Zealand based factory, however with the production of metal materials at high volume it’s the cost of tooling that’s the advantage. They use a lot more hard-tooling which is massively cheaper in China.”

It’s all about relationships

An assurance of quality comes from building and maintaining strong relationships with manufacturing partners.

“It’s important to build a good relationship from the outset and remain consistent. Our Chinese partners are like family – we support each other and genuinely like each other so it’s a pleasure to do business together,” says Michael Eden.

Innovation is key

While offshore manufacturing has allowed GDM to produce high volumes of product, with options both in New Zealand and China at cost effective rates, it’s likely a measure of rebalancing will occur in the future.

“We will also continue to innovate, become more automated and smarter at what we do.”

“With market disruptions likely to continue, we must maintain control over our supply. This means producing more product locally, at competitive prices, through investment in equipment and automation at our New Zealand factory”

“No matter what, regardless of where our products are manufactured, our promise to our customers is that we have a highly skilled workforce, who create quality fixtures and retail display systems for their stores, making them a place their customers want to shop.”

GDM are providers of innovative, sustainable retail displays and store fixtures, preferred by major retailers across New Zealand. Looking for a solution for your retail display or store fixtures? Contact our team today. 

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