Successful Whanganui business staying under Whanganui ownership

November 15, 2023

Bartley Group Holdings Ltd are pleased to announce they are acquiring GDM Group.

A modern 7,000m2 factory and design hub in Whanganui, GDM supply store fixtures and retail systems to numerous national and international brands.

Staff based out of Brisbane supply fixtures across Australia.

Current owners, Michael and Sandra Eden have been looking for the right buyer.

“When considering a purchaser for the business, we felt it was important to identify what would be best for our staff, customers and suppliers, along with the wider Whanganui community,” says Michael.

“We feel comfortable in the knowledge that the Bartley Group’s core values align with ours.”

Brendon Bartley, Managing Director of Bartley Group Holdings agrees.

“This acquisition just makes sense. We are a family-owned business, purchasing another Whanganui based family-owned business and these synergies are important,” he says.

“GDM currently employs around 60 staff, so that is another 60 families in Whanganui that come under the Bartley Group banner, that means in total, we will be looking after 160-odd families.”

“What’s more, acquiring GDM aligns perfectly with our Bartley Group roots, which are in manufacturing.”

Over 35 years ago, Brendon’s father Rob established Ali Arc Industries, manufacturing bull bars for vehicles. The success of Ali Arc internationally, has been the catalyst for what is now a portfolio of 17 businesses which now sit under Bartley Group Holdings, including real estate, logistics, service providers and retail.

GDM celebrated 45 years in business on November 4, 2023. Michael Eden started as a one-man band and grew it to the company it is today. They provide end-to-end solutions from design, to manufacturing and logistics, delivering quality products at great value for their customers, all from the one site.

“It’s what we know, and it’s the type of business we are proud to be involved with.”

For Brendon and the wider Bartley family, their vision is to continue the growth of GDM, creating a multi-generational business.

“GDM, under the direction of Michael, Sandra and their team, is an award-winning business, with long-term, high-profile customers across New Zealand and Australia.”

“Our intention is to build on what has already been created, and to ensure its longevity which in turn benefits our wider community.”

Over the coming months, Michael and Sandra Eden will continue in an advisory role for the Bartley Group, to ensure a smooth handover of the business.

For GDM’s customers and suppliers, Brendon is confident the handover will be seamless.

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